The History of Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

In late 1982, an animal care technician who worked for the Boulder Humane Society had the idea to create a wildlife rehabilitation service for Boulder. It was originally named “The Natalie Gneiser Wildlife Rehabilitation Center” after a twenty-two year old girl who was killed by a car when trying to rescue an injured animal in the road. The funds from her memorial service were given to the Boulder Humane Society.

The Gneiser family, along with a large number of friends, donated concrete, fencing, caging, and many long hours. They cleaned out the barn behind the Humane Society and got the project off the ground. In 1993, the program was incorporated as a separate entity and the name was changed to Greenwood after a raccoon who survived a chimney fire and who was one of the first animals rescued. “Greenwood” seemed appropriate because green wood doesn’t burn.

In 1998, the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center moved to their present location between Longmont and Lyons on Ute Hwy. 66. This rural setting provides a natural backdrop to rehabilitate wildlife. Through the generous donations from many wonderful people, caging and condos for squirrels, birds, and rabbit, bird aviaries were constructed.

In 2005, the permanent raccoon village, which can house up to 50 patients, was built. For nearly 10 years, Greenwood operated out of two modular trailers that served as the animal intake and exam area, animal food prep kitchen, intensive care unit, animal care rehab rooms, and operations.

Upon receiving two generous gifts, Greenwood was able to purchase the land where they were located and build a new facility. In 2008, construction began on a permanent, 5,274 sq. ft. building to replace the crowded, worn-out trailers. We have occupied our present building since early 2009.

Greenwood Consignment Gallery photographs courtesy of Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Volunteers Brent Daniels and Tom Weeks and Executive Director Linda Tyler.

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