Greenwood Consignment Gallery FAQ

• How do I get started?
• What percentage will I make?
• How are prices set?
• What items are accepted?
• What items are not accepted?
• What about holiday or seasonal items?
• How do I prepare my items?
• Do you buy items directly?
• Do you accept donations?
• When can I bring items to the store?
• Do you provide pick-up and delivery?
• Can I check the sales status of items they’ve consigned?
• How long is the consignment contract?
• Are there price markdowns?
• Are there any additional fees?
• When do I get paid?
• What happens if my items don’t sell?
• What happens if I forget to reclaim my items?
• Do you have insurance to cover my items?
• Intake Form, Terms & Conditions, Consignors Agreement

How do I get started?

Selling your items with us is easy! To begin, just email a photo of your items to and we will evaluate whether it is something we think we can sell. If you don’t have access to email or a digital camera, drop by the shop with a traditional photo. Once we decide to take an item(s) we will schedule an appointment for you to drop off your consignments.  Please print out the Intake Form from our website, fill in as much information as possible and bring that along, too. If you have several large pieces and would prefer to have it evaluated in your home, please call the shop to schedule a date and time convenient for both of us. There is a $25 fee for this home assessment service.


What percentage will I make?

We offer a 50/50 split for all items (minus any fees). We will retain the other percentage for our efforts in selling and displaying your items. We’re here to work for you! We operate seven days a week to sell your home furnishings. We display your consigned items in attractive, well-lit, eye-catching settings. We advertise the store location and hours using several media venues. We have a great website that allows thousands of interested buyers to preview what’s in our showroom. We accept most major credit cards. And our staff is great at assisting buyers with their decorating needs.


How are prices set?

We price items based upon the quality, condition, age and popularity of the item. By using information that you supply (age, original cost, history, last cleaning or reupholstering, and your expectations) along with our knowledge, we strive to obtain the best return for your merchandise as possible. If you can not wait for the Item Evaluation, you may authorize us to price your merchandise for you.

Please note: for fine jewelry with precious stones we require you to bring in the original sales information for our appraisal by a certified gemologist.


What is accepted?

We are interested in any attractive piece that would fit in the home. Below is a list of what we accept for consignment:

Furniture with Timeless Styling

• Tables (all kinds)
• Chairs, Barstools
• Sofas, Loveseats, Sectionals
• Chests, Trunks
• Beds (with frames)
• Dressers
• Nightstands
• Armoires
• Bookcases, Etageres
• Plant Stands

Home Decor

• Decorative Accessories
• Vintage Items
• Framed Artwork and Mirrors
• Table Linens
• Planters, Vases & Pottery
• Collectible Dishes, Crystal
• Dishes, Glassware, Flatware
• Fireplace Accessories
• Seasonal Items
• Lamps and Clocks (battery or bulb must be supplied)

Please Note – Although we carefully inspect items before acceptance, defective items can be missed and we reserve the right to remove any defective items. Once notified, you will have 5 business days to reclaim the items before they are donated to charity or disposed of.


What is not accepted?

Please do not be offended if we do not accept all of your items. Through experience we know what will and won’t sell. We may not accept items housed in a smoking or pet environment. We retain the right to decline items for consignment based on current inventory levels, your asking price, condition or past experience.

We Do Not Accept the Following Items for Consignment

  • Anything with cracks, splits or chips (unless approved by a manager)
  • Anything with missing part or parts:
    • Pitchers w/o lids
    • Soup tureens w/o ladles
    • Sugar bowls w/o lids
    • Sugars w/o creamers (and vice versa)
  • Appliances – Large or Small
  • Artwork “for the frame”
  • Bath Linens
  • Bathroom Furniture (unless brand spankin’ new!)
  • Beds w/ missing parts
  • Building Materials, Hardware (we DO accept architectural elements)
  • Candles
  • Clothing
  • Drapery Hardware
  • Electronics, TVs, Computers, Printers
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Infant’s Furniture & Accessories
  • Items we cannot sell for at least $9 unless in multiple quantities
  • Large Oak anything! i.e. desks, tables, china cabinets
  • Limited Quantities of:
    • Platters!
    • Round Tables (UNLESS bistro table or w/ leaves) no more than 3 at a time
    • Glass Tables!
    • Round Coffee Tables (they HAVE to be awesome)
  • Mattresses
  • Metallic rimmed dinnerware (unless classic patterns of white or ivory)
  • Most crystal & Silverplate (unless ‘tis the season!)
  • Most kitchen appliances (unless decorative aspect i.e. retro)
  • No cribs ever…
  • No dolls
  • Paperback Books
  • Personal or Medical Supplies
  • Pet Supplies
  • Photo frames
  • Plastic Floral and Greenery
  • Power Tools
  • Punch bowls
  • Rugs & Fabrics w/ ANY soils or smells (too expensive to clean)
  • Single barstools
  • Single dining room chairs
    • Sets of >4 preferred but pairs can be accepted by manager approval
  • Souvenir Items
  • Sports or Camping Equipment
  • Stemware in groups <4 unless approved by a manager
  • Toys & Games (unless vintage/ good condition)
  • Unframed Artwork, Posters
  • Videos, Tapes, CDs, Records


What about holiday or seasonal items?

About 8 weeks before major holidays we will start accepting decorations and holiday items. Seasonal items that do not sell need to be picked up within a week after the holiday is over. If not reclaimed within 1 week, they will be donated.


How do I prepare my items?

Before you bring in items to the store, please make sure they are clean and neat, and have all the necessary parts included. We may not accept items that are not adequately prepared for sale, and if we do, we may charge a handling fee to clean, polish, touch-up, repair, etc. Attention to details will make the difference in how well an item looks and sells. Remember, the key to a profitable sale is quality and presentation!


Do you buy items outright?

In certain cases, direct buy-out is an option. If you prefer to go this route, please contact us by phone or email to schedule a preview of your item.


Do you accept donations?

Consignors may choose to directly donate the proceeds to GWRC. You will receive a receipt for tax deductions at the time of donation.


When can I bring items to the shop?

We now require appointments to bring items by the shop Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m and Sunday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Give us a call and we will get you in as soon as we can.  We do same day appointments for small items!


Do you provide pick-up and delivery?

We do not offer delivery, however we will be happy to put you in touch with a local delivery service that does business with us.


Can I check the sales status of items they’ve consigned?

When you consign with us, you will be able to access your account on line to check on your consignment status and account balance.


How long is the consignment period?

We maintain all consignor contracts for 60 days (holiday items may have an adjusted time period). This results in a constant turnover of quality goods, promoting high repeat shopper traffic and thus making your items more likely to sell.


Are there price markdowns?

Items in the store will follow a 20% price reduction if it is here for more than 30 days. If we think the price of your merchandise should be adjusted, you will be consulted. Additional reductions may apply for seasonal items.


Are there any hidden or additional fees?

There are no hidden fees.

• There is a one-time $5 account set-up fee that will be deducted from the first consignor check you receive.
• Items picked up before the 60-day contract ends will be subject to a handling charge of $25 or 25% of selling price, which ever is greater.


When am I paid?

All consignor checks are mailed by the 10th of every month for accounts amounting to $10 or more generated by the previous month’s sales. For mailed checks, a fee of $1 is deducted to cover postage and handling.


What happens if my items don’t sell?

At the time of consignment, we will ask you to indicate how to proceed, should your item not sell within the 60 days in our showroom. You will have two options:

• Reclaim your item within 7 days after the contract ends
• Donate it to GWRC and receive tax deductible receipt


What happens if I forget to reclaim my items?

After the end of your 60 day contract, you will have a 7 day grace period in which to make arrangements to retrieve your items. During the intake screening we will establish a FINAL PICK-UP DATE and it will be noted on the agreement that you sign. We will not call or contact you to remind you. It is your responsibility to track the expiration and FINAL PICK-UP DATE. Anything that is left beyond that date will become the property of Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and will be ours to sell, or dispose.


Do you have insurance to cover my items?

Greenwood Consignment Gallery has general liability insurance and coverage for our business property. However, since we do not own the items you consign with us, you may wish to cover any items of exceptional value under your home-owners/renters insurance policy. We can not be held responsible for any damage, breakage, loss by fire, water, theft or other loss to the item.



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